Superior Plastics Doesn't Care About Employees

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Why You Should Care

This company is suffering from serious denial. If Will Aldrich says the phrase "employee wellness" one more time I will vomit. There is nothing well about the work environment or the company in general.

So if you haven't experienced abusive treatment from an employer or boss let me be the first to tell you that it does happen to someone everyday somewhere. This place isn't special or different. That is one of their lies.

I was hurt and damaged by this place. What I did learn however is to stop people from using me or mistreating me. That is what Superior Plastics taught me.

I was told to grow some thicker skin after I was released from the hospital for a nervous breakdown due to how I was being treated by my boss and some other employees. But yet when I spoke out about everything I endured I was told I was crazy.

So lets get some facts straight. Will Aldrich is a proven liar. He once said my pay as a supervisor was somewhere in the middle compared to the other 2 employees with the same position. I was actually getting paid 25 cents less than the starting pay for my position that was posted on the board by Dave Grimm while I was in the hospital.

Dave Grimm posted my job and offered 25 cents more on the hour for it while I was in the hospital recovering from a suicide attempt. When I emailed Will Aldrich about it he ignored the email completely. Then they left the posting up. When I came back to work and I had to remove the posting to my own job.

Then there was Nathan Mullet who lied to the EEOC investigator saying I disappeared during my shift 10 to 40 minutes. I was coming in 4 hours early while he slept out in his car. He once yelled at a girl in a hushed angry voice and leaned over her with his finger pointed in her face. When he was done he had a look of satisfaction on his face and the girl had tears running down her face.

And I couldn't forget my boss Tony Ashley who liked to throw handfuls of plastic parts across the floor because he was angry and I would get on my hands and knees to pick them up. He would leave a huge mess on the floor and just start talking to someone without a care in the world. He never did this on any other shift. Just mine. So because Tony Ashley was not able to communicate with me effectively I went to our plant manager to complain, What does the plant manager David Grimm say? He says in front of Will Aldrich and Tony that he doesn't have a problem with him doing that and he doesn't find it abusive at all. I never said I found it abusive. I just asked that he would stop. This was an impossible task at Superior Plastics in Plain City Ohio.

We also can not forget the time that Tony, and 2 male employees said in front of me that pregnant women have no place at work and then they all took turns naming off all the "bitchy" women that had work at Superior Plastics.

So when I said that Tony was angry all the time and he never asked me how my shift ran because I was the supervisor.

 Dave Grimm said that Tony was simply passionate about his job and he can talk to whoever he wants.

So the company got rid of me and kept people like this. There is nothing professional about these people.

I once got Runners World magazine to do an article about the company. Now I cringe when I look at the magazine. It's a source of extreme shame and embarrassment. I had actually said in the article that the company made me a better person because my running and work were connected. Little did I know in one short year all of that would change.

I was once told by Will Aldrich that I run from conflict. This was after I brought up the fact that I was followed by a grown man to the restroom because this man said he was beginning to not like me. And the police were called. It took me forever to get over a grown man doing something like that but according to Will that was my fault.

Will Aldrich also told my dad out in the hospital parking lot that he noticed I get upset easily. While I was sick in the hospital I couldn't even have any privacy because of my employer.

Also Will said in front of a group of people that I have things I need to work on. Will so easily points out others character defects but can't seem to admit to his own. And trust me, he has plenty.

And my boss Tony Ashley that night said a black woman was starting that Monday and asked if that would be an issue. That was because the grown man that followed me was black and after the police escorted him out he sent Tony an email saying I was a racist white woman. Tony Ashley was basically saying I was racist. This is coming from someone that knew me for 4 years, we ran 5k's and obstacle course runs together. It was a feeble attempt to dodge responsibility for what happened. Weeks before I told Tony that this man was making me uncomfortable. What does Tony do? He doesn't say a word and walks away and jokingly punches a coworker on the arm in front of me. And why did this man think I was racist? Because he said I did not talk to him enough.

Then I had to endure a male employee tell Tony Ashley in front of me that he learned his lesson a long time ago and that's not to say anything within 5 feet of another woman. That was said because the male employee that followed me to the restroom yelled through the door for me to come out.

Did Superior Plastics support me? No.

The day after no one even bothered to ask how I was doing or if I was okay. Not by Dave Grimm or Will Aldrich. After 4 years of employment I wasn't even worth that. That was devastating to me. Being I once admired these people.

But they will gladly and knowingly hire someone who stolen $39,000 dollars from her previous employer to work the front desk and take money for football pools from unsuspecting employees. Me? After 4 years of saying I had a strong work ethic I was fired from my job.

But yet Will gets put on a pedestal all the time. Meanwhile while I am suffering people are telling him he is great and blessed. He had a regular habit of posting publicly pictures of all of his vacations that he took every 6 weeks on Facebook. That was where someone told him that God must have blessed him. A month after I was fired he once again took another vacation talking about the elevator in his condo.

I felt my entire employment here was dealing with Will's huge ego. He liked to be noticed a lot.

After I came back from the hospital I was obviously dealing with the trauma of bad bosses and a threatening employee. I was still doing my job. So to further add to insults I then had to deal with Ashley Cripe.

For one she never liked me and it showed. Once I was in the QC lab talking to Tony. She came in gave me a dirty look and closed the door to the office because she didn't want to hear us.

So once I heard her in the office talking to an engineer about her volleyball game the night before. I hear her say Will this or Ed that. I get tired of it so I close the door on her. One thing I do have is an excellent memory and I do not forget.

So for the rest of the day Ashley Cripe made my life hell. Doing things like letting the door close on my face as she was walking out knowing I was right behind her. And I even wondered if she remembered when she closed the door on me?

How easily we forget.

So after I came back from the hospital she was getting into a regular habit of not ordering material and I would have to shut a machine down. I emailed her and she would email Tony, Nathan and Dave Dennis to let them know when the material would be in and Tony would have to forward the email to me.

For the short time I was a supervisor my position was never respected by anyone. Jake Ruff always emailed Nathan about something that needed done and Nathan would run off a copy of the email to give to me. Jake Ruff also decided to show a drunk guy how to answer an alarm on a machine when it was me who asked to be shown. 

Jake Ruff turned his back completely to me while he showed a drunk person how to answer an alarm.

When I was offered the position of supervisor Tony Ashley could not do so until he could find another employee to sit in the room with us.

One day I could no longer handle Tony Ashley's anger towards me. I finally confronted him. We talked and agreed it was a good conversation. The following day was my annual evaluation. Tony Ashley proceeded to type lies on my review. He actually typed that I felt disrespected by everyone at work and he did not see anyone disrespecting me. So I wasn't even being seen as a supervisor but someone who needed constant monitoring all because I had been in the hospital taking care of myself. So yes, you can be discriminated against for having poor mental health due to a bullying environment. That's why Will Aldrich needs a reality check when he speaks of employee wellness.

This was put on my annual review! That statement has nothing to do with my performance and was a complete lie. I told him specifically I was tired of being disrespected by HIM! Then he typed another lie and said that Will Aldrich and himself were still waiting for a written account of everything that happened the night the police were called because of the threatening employee. I told him I was confused because Will already wrote down everything I told him about what happened that night. And not one person requested that I do this ever!

 Discrimination is hidden and companies hide behind it with the actions they take.

The most hurtful comment came from Dave Grimm.

After I came back from the hospital from my suicide attempt I emailed him and Will Aldrich about my concerns about the workplace issues.

During yet another sit down meeting with me, Will, Tony and Dave, Dave Grimm after a moment of silence looked over at me and said, " You're email was all over the place."

After my hospitalization for my suicide attempt I had to endure a comment like this. To me it implied that Dave Grimm thought I had mental issues. It was a cheap blow to put me in my place. Nothing more, nothing less. And it couldn't have came from such a more brilliant mind like Dave's.

And if that wasn't enough Will Aldrich said in front of them that I had things to work on.

This was all because I brought up the lies on my review by Tony Ashley. Tony Ashley never uttered a word during that meeting. He actually stretch his arms when Will Asked him if he had anything to say.What did he say? He said, " I know I have an anger problem to work on." That was all he said.

Looking back I know they had every intention of firing me the second I got out of the hospital. They were starting a paper trail.

So I did not fail. Superior plastics failed me.

If I was supported I would still be there today. My question that will never get answered is why?

Even Jeff Penman, the quality manager. I once emailed him and said his employee was such a great help to the shift and I said thank you to the QC team. I said it that way because that is what Jeff always called his employees. I figured that is what he wanted to hear. He proceeded to lecture me in an email on what team work is and how we are all one team. Then he sent the employee I bragged about an email saying he wanted to make sure he wasn't doing everything and he was coming in early to make sure he wasn't overworked.

There is no solution to places like this. What could I have done different? I should have just quit. I was trying to look for a job but that is difficult when you are under such enormous stress. I should have quit even if I didn't have a job lined up. I chose to ignore all the warning signs to quit and I had plenty.

My first clue to leave was when Dave Grimm said if I ever wanted to be a supervisor it would be up to me to make the first move. But 6 months later they were going to hand that position to someone that had only been with the company for a year. Why? Because Tony Ashley babysat this persons boyfriend many years ago and this person's boyfriend also worked at the same place.

Tony was always more interested in making himself look good instead of doing what was good for the company.

How did my termination get started? My termination started over a dirty dock door out of all things. I worked hard all night cleaning behind grinders and sweeping. In the morning myself and another girl were taking out the trash. When we came back my boss was staring at me with a red face. He said as I walked by, " You have time to do what you want but you don't have time to clean."  Then he proceeded to march up to the office and he came back with a 2 inch by 2 inch piece of paper where I forgot to mark an X from 2 weeks prior. I guess he was saving it for that special moment.I went to to the restroom and sat on the floor just taking deep breaths. I was to give the morning shift supervisor a walk through of everything. I wasn't going to do it because whenever I did he always tried hard to find something wrong. He would pick up boxes and scan them with his eye. The behavior he showed me was not the same behavior he showed the other supervisor.

 They wont validate me. They never did. Not once and I was clearly suffering. More than once I have written on this blog and they ignore me. I have battled the anger I have everyday. I was hurt deeply by this experience.

Imagine being shunned by an entire community of people that you once interacted with. At this company we did things together. And in the end as expected Will Aldrich is still put on a pedestal. So it does happen, a group of people can try and destroy someone. The damage has been done and they have forgotten and turned away.

My writing has saved me. People that know my story say I am a fighter. I struggled with thinking I was suppose to let it go. I can let it go but I can leave my story here so other will know since no one at this company cares about the hurt that was done.

So my message to Superior Plastics is I am good enough. I am enough. People I now work with appreciate me and respect me as a valuable employee. When I need help someone helps me.

So if you are suffering with a bad work situation don't try to think you have to tough it out. There is a difference between challenging work and being bullied. Challenging work is something that can be improved.

I have seen the worst of the worst here. How anyone could continue to labor for a company that obviously doesn't give a damn is beyond me. Why would anyone want to work for someone that tries to give someone's job away and offer 25 cents more on the hour for it after a suicide attempt?! You can work for much better places with better benefits.

I hate that I even found this place on the internet. But the saying goes that people come into your life for a reason. This is just another chapter to my life story and I hope that story can help one person. I believe in being transparent. I have nothing to hide. Being open and honest gets others to think.

I am justified to feel hurt and anger. Anyone else who thinks otherwise needs to reevaluate why they think the way that they do. I was judged by an entire company of people all because I was suffering from poor mental health. People in my shoes are shunned, forgotten and shamed into silence. The truth shall always remain.