Superior Plastics Doesn't Care About Employees

Why You Should CareThis company is suffering from serious denial. If Will Aldrich says the phrase "employee wellness" one more time I will vomit. There is nothing well about the work environment or the company in general.
So if you haven't experienced abusive treatment from an employer or boss let me be the first to tell you that it does happen to someone everyday somewhere. This place isn't special or different. That is one of their lies.
I was hurt and damaged by this place. What I did learn however is to stop people from using me or mistreating me. That is what Superior Plastics taught me.
I was told to grow some thicker skin after I was released from the hospital for a nervous breakdown due to how I was being treated by my boss and some other employees. But yet when I spoke out about everything I endured I was told I was crazy.
So lets get some facts straight. Will Aldrich is a proven liar. He once said my pay as a supervisor was somewhere in the middle compared to …